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How does one modernise space?


There are many ways that space exploration and technology can be modernized. Some possible ways to modernize space include:

  1. Developing new rocket engines and propulsion systems: This could allow for faster and more efficient travel through space.
  2. Improving satellite technology: Advances in satellite design and capabilities could allow for better communication, navigation, and data gathering from space.
  3. Developing new materials for use in space: New materials that are lighter, stronger, or more resistant to extreme temperatures could be used to build better spacecraft, habitats, and other structures.
  4. Advancing space-based solar power: Developing the technology to capture and transmit solar power from space could provide a clean and virtually limitless energy source for the Earth.
  5. Increasing international collaboration: Working with other countries and private companies on space exploration and development could lead to greater advances and more efficient use of resources.
  6. Sending humans to explore new destinations: Expanding the range of human space exploration could lead to the discovery of new resources and potentially even the colonization of other planets.